Marie-Christine Maheas at #JFD15, Journée de la Femme Digitale in Paris on 13/03/2015, in a panel on parity, presented the book and said “Let’s stop thinking about parity as a women’s issue, it is a performance issue”. Meet the authors on April 29 at a HWF event, details to be announced shortly ! The book as […]


Découvrez le programme “Osons les femmes dans l’économie” conçu par Osons la France en partenariat avec l’association Financi’elles, le samedi matin 6 décembre de 10h30 à 12h15. Ce programme insolite, innovant et amusant pour un samedi matin, en parallèle du “1er forum économique pour enfants” (collégiens de 11 à 15 ans), doit toucher un public […]


Buccellati event 20/11/14

by LCG on 21 November 2014

On November 20, the Harvard Club guests were wonderfully hosted at the Place Vendôme Buccellati boutique by 5th-generation designer Lucrezia Buccellati. The 25-year-old jewellery designer, who works with her father, explained how she adds a contemporary twist to classic jewellery designs, to bring them forward for the new generations. Pictures from our event : See […]


Forum de la Mixité, Paris 01/12/14

by LCG on 18 November 2014

1er décembre 2014 Le Forum de la Mixité 4ème édition! Se Former, S’informer, Networker Le Forum de tous les acteurs majeurs de la mixité en France Un lieu pour faire le bilan des actions des politiques femmes/hommes – des entreprises – des collectivités – des lycées/écoles – des universitaires – des pouvoirs publics – des […]


Le Printemps du Networking

by LCG on 14 May 2014

Harvard Women France a le plaisir de faire profiter ses membres de 15 places à -30% pour participer au Printemps du Networking le 19 mai prochain au Medef. Inscriptions avant le 16 à 12h. Une rencontre de femmes de réseaux et de réseaux de femmes, des conférences sur les femmes en entreprise, les entrepreneures et […]


Support Gwill York for Harvard Overseer

by LCG on 13 April 2013

Dear Friends, Gwill York is an HBS classmate from the Class of 1984, I’d really appreciate if you would support her candidacy for Harvard Overseer. I believe Gwill will bring skills and knowledge to the Board of Overseers which she has obtained from her service to Harvard, her community and civic work and her business/entrepreneurial […]


Celebrating 50 years of women at HBS !

by LCG on 12 September 2012

Stay tuned for events in France this year, and in the meantime, this is the message from HBS : In celebration of this year’s 50th anniversary of women being admitted to the full-time MBA program, Harvard Business School, in conjunction with the Culture and Community Initiative, is planning a series of special events, programs, and […]


Our bureau member Marie-Christine Maheas was quoted by French newspaper Le Monde on March 8, in a  story on parity. Quoted as co-president of women’s network EPWN-Paris, she said that “a key priority of EPWN-Paris for 2012 is to find ways of involving men in our reflections“. One out of two European firms has started […]


GEF to present leadership study on Feb 15 in Paris

January 31, 2012 Events

Grandes Ecoles au Féminin (GEF) will present in Paris on February 15 the results of a poll it conducted on leadership issues, with insights from 4,200 top-tier managers. “The results are very dense and informative, notably on issues such as the characteristics of today’s leaders, the assets, values and skills expected for tomorrow, and the […]

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At least we can travel round the world in a skirt if we fancy

January 25, 2012 Women stories

France has more than one Jeanne. Have you ever heard of the first woman who ever traveled around the world ? Yes, she was French, her name was Jeanne and it took Tahitian natives to realize the sailor named Jean was a woman… Born in 1740, a keen botanist, Jeanne Baret was the first woman […]

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